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Published on January 6th, 2013 | by Pete


Financial Setbacks can be Recovered From

Recently, I made a financial mistake. Before we get into that, a bit of background. I had been to a wedding, where I proceeded to get a little drunk. This was not a problem in itself, but it was a problem when my drunken snoring kept my wife awake. I felt bad, and the next day I was in a shop and decided to buy her a scratch card as a peace offering, and a small demonstration of my remorse.

Due to the impressive extent of my intoxication the night before, I was enjoying the kind of hangover that George Best probably became very used to during his time. This clearly impacted on my ability to concentrate, and when I arrived at the counter, I casually asked for a ‘number 1’ scratch card. I made this statement based on a number of assumptions, firstly that I have observed that these are normally only £1, and that the cheaper scratch cards are stored at the top.

The bloke behind the counter picked up the card and scanned it. To my horror, I discovered that the card actually cost £10. My hangover became much worse suddenly. I told the chap that I was mistaken, and had in fact only wanted a £1 card, but he told me that as he had already scanned it, there was nothing he could do. I could not have my money back. I was hungover, embarrassed, and too annoyed to try and argue with him, so I slunk out of the shop. All of the way home I was becoming increasingly annoyed with myself; I would never in all good conscious spend that much on a scratch card. But at the same time I felt too ridiculous to go back and assertively argue my case.

I arrived at home completely dejected. I explained what had happened to my wife. She was not happy to let things lie as they were, and she decided to go back in and try and get my cash back. She went back in, and as she actually knows the person who sold me the scratch card, she was able to get my money back. So a couple of lessons here, one, never give up on correcting financial mistakes; and second, if at first you don’t succeed, send your wife in.

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  1. Adam says:

    “if at first you don’t succeed, send your wife in”

    Best advice ever!! But just imagine if that £10 scratch card had been a big winner…

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