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Published on July 25th, 2015 | by Pete


Finding the right home

When searching for a new property buyers often struggle as they are not entirely sure what it is that they are looking for in their new home. It can certainly be a very exhilarating time within your life to get upon the property ladder but keeping a level head is important. You need to take the time to figure out what it is you want from a home, from studio flats to town houses there is plenty to choose from. Check out the layout of the property, does it fit your needs? Confirm that it is exactly what you want as purchasing a property is a much more permanent venture than renting a property. I would ignore the superficial aspects of the home at first as you need to make sure it is set out as you would like first as this is something that is far more difficult to change. Paint colours can be changed easily enough and can completely transform a property so these things should be ignored.

Your budget is essential in working out what you can afford as you need to take into account more than just the mortgage each month. There are many over heads and these will vary drastically depending on property type and location. Council tax needs to be considered as well as heating and running costs, especially if you are veering towards a larger property, as these costs can soar during the winter months. When searching for a home you need to work out what your monthly outgoings are likely to be factoring in the above in order not to fall short each month and end up getting yourself in debt.

Purchasing the right kind of property can be tricky as something that may suit your needs presently may not be suitable in a year or two’s time. Ensuring that you don’t buy a property that’s too large you also need to consider if you are planning to add to your family in the coming couple of years? If so you will need to find a property that is able to accommodate this. This then leads on to other necessities including schools within your catchment area, are these likely to be somewhere you would want to send your child? You need to deliberate these things as if you go ahead and purchase a property you don’t want to then have to move in a year or so as you will end up losing cash.

Ceri Harris is an underwriter at Willows Finance Limited a secured loans company based in Wales.

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