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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Pete


How healthy is your insurance?

Insurance is something I’ve written about a few times on the blog, and it tends not to be a subject of riveting interest to me. It is however, very important. I’ve always advocated the idea of only insuring things that you could not afford to replace from your emergency fund at short notice, like your home, or your life. I am not a fan of insuring a sky box, or a playstation, as whilst these might be depressingly important to some men, they are not so for me.

What is important to me however, is my life, my home and my health. These are things I would consider to be very important, and on that basis, I would consider insuring all of them. In fact I do, I have both life and contents insurance (buildings insurance is covered in our management fees). There are a range of private health insurers, and one day they might have my business.

I guess one option to stay healthy is to exercise regularly, eat healthily, and generally take every opportunity to burn off calories. I am not really in an exercise kind of place, unless you include my jawbone, which is getting plenty of exercise! If like me, you have no intention of getting fit or eating sensibly anytime, then health insurance might be a good route for you!

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