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Published on January 7th, 2015 | by Pete


How to spend less but look great

 We may all be tightening our belts under austerity and the ever shrinking economy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good. In fact, it’s a reason to look good; an excuse for a little vanity. After all, we’ve earned it putting up with all this bad news. Here are some great ways to spend less but still look great.

Select your shops wisely

Naturally, you’re going to find that some high street stores charge more than others. Don’t be fooled by this. Just because something’s more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s more stylish.

You can find all the latest, cutting-edge trends at places like New Look offered for much cheaper than their competitors. For instance, check out their stylish selection of dip hem dresses. On average, the price is around the £20 mark, which is a fraction of the price charged by their more faux-boutique competitors, yet you’re unlikely to find designs that are all that different. Price works to pull the wool over our eyes so don’t be fooled. Make sure you find the best deals and don’t spend extra if you don’t need to.

Stick to the sales

If you do plan to shop in the higher-end shops, then there’s absolutely no point going in until there’s a sale. It’s unlikely they are going to sell out before the end of season (or even the mid-season sale, as many higher-priced places have started to have now), so hold on until then. Remember, having it a little later is going to have no real bearing on how you look.

Keep in mind, the places that already have better prices are going to have even better prices during the sale. If you see something you like in one of the high street’s faux-boutiques, head somewhere like New Look to see if you can find something similar before you commit. It’s highly likely you’ll succeed.

Retro is all the rage

The retro look is very much still in. The only problem is some bright spark decided to turn it into a business plan, which means they are buying up every item considered a golden-oldie and selling it at hiked up prices. Don’t be sucked in. Stand your ground and head to the charity shops anyway, just make sure there isn’t a Beyond Retro anywhere around. There’s no way they can cover all the bases anyway, so you’re well in with a good chance.

The personal touch

With just the smallest of modifications you can make a relatively bland piece of clothing and make it truly original. The coolest thing is you’re stamping something of yourself on there so it really reflects your personality. What’s more, no one is going to be wearing the same as you. There’s plenty of DIY help website on the internet, but to truly look original you should try coming up with your own ideas, which shouldn’t be hard for any imaginative fashionista.

Vouchers and discounts

Before going on your shopping trip, trawl the internet for vouchers and money off deals – they’re out there somewhere. Even if you can’t find anything offering money off the clothes themselves, you should be able to find vouchers for food or coffee, which will save you a little when you need a break from the shop floor. Money saving expert and money supermarket are great places to start your voucher hunt and you can get other helpful tips there too.

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