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Published on December 10th, 2013 | by Pete


Is document collection for you?

More and more legislation, procedures and administrational duties have been introduced as the government looks to get a tighter grip on the numerous financial issues concerning the public. This has seen an increase in document collection agencies which help financial organisations provide a more linear process with their clients. Document collection agencies and their functions may not be something you’re overly familiar with but here are the top ten reasons to use them.

1. They’re more efficient for a business

A business can use a document collection company to improve efficiency by having a third party organising all documents needed for a client. The services apply to an array of financial issues such as debt management, personal injury and PPI claims and ensures a greater number of documents are sent back correct in the first instance.

2. They increase speed of return

Many companies such as CollectaCase predict they will see at least a 35% increase in return rates than the Post Office.

3. They’re bespoke

It is a dedicated service where each financial institution’s needs are met by the document collection agency who offers bespoke, individually-tailored services.

4. The chance of lost documents decreases

With a dedicated postal service, the problem of documents being ‘lost in the post’ and needing to be resent is diminished.

5. There’s more chance of response

As a dedicated service acting on behalf of a financial company, a document collection agency can dedicate more time to ensure there are more responses from the client (or potential client).

6. They’re more accurate

As a dedicated service, documents can be checked and explained to clients to ensure they’re completed correctly first time round. This, in turn, leads to…

7. They decrease waste of materials

The amount of documents sent by financial or legal organisations can be a lot. By using a dedicated collection service there is a higher chance of not needing to resend documents and that means less paperwork and fewer materials wasted.

8. They’re good for procurement

Using a document collection service also helps cut costs in many areas from stationary to staffing hours. This in turn improves the general procurement of the company.

9. They’re easy for the customer to understand

A document collection service acts on behalf of others and can therefore invest more time and energy into the process to ensure customers understand the papers they need to fill out. Firms like CollectaCase offer full explanations on the documents and packs they send out.

10. They can help control an individual’s finances

With the country encountering more and more debt, a dedicated service such as this can help control people’s finances by making it easier for them to understand financial processes and develop a sustainable financial plan. In the long run, this can even be beneficial to the economy as a whole.

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