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Published on November 30th, 2013 | by Pete


Make Space and Save Money with Clever Storage

With the squeeze on the economy showing no signs of let up, despite government murmurings to the contrary, we’re all encouraged to maximise what we already have and find clever ways to get the extra things we want or need. Charity may begin at home, but so does taking simple money saving steps that can reduce outgoings and create more wealth where it matters — in our pockets.

Reorganising the Home

The way we use space at home determines comfort and efficiency in many areas of life. Living in a cluttered environment creates mental clutter as well as physical clutter, undermining our ability to think clearly and work efficiently. The way to maximise space at home is to reorganise those items that clog up cupboards and drawers without ever being used.

Modern homes are smaller than their counterparts of a generation ago, and with property prices at a premium and mortgages outstripping income, more of us are downsizing or making more modest starts than we’d maybe like. Being careful about what you let into your home is the first part of being clever about storage, and whilst we have control over the things we buy for ourselves, we don’t always have control over those items that others buy or that are given to us. Heirlooms are often too precious to let go, for instance, but may not be suitable for inclusion in a modern home.
If you have such items, those you can’t bear to part with but that you have no space for, pack them up and put them safely into self-storage.

Run Your Business From Home

Are you renting an office when you could save money by converting space at home? A spare bedroom is the ideal, but failing that even a corner of the kitchen table is better than paying for rented space when money is tight. Service-providing businesses are prime candidates for home working, but so too are online retailers. For the latter, stock storage is the biggest issue, but reasonably priced self storage units offer a solution in more ways than one:

• Short term contracts offer flexibility to change storage options
• Small storage spaces are equally as available as larger ones
• Many storage rooms are suitable for packing as well as storage
• Added security at no extra cost protects your initial investment
• Climate controlled environments protect valuable items from damp or pests
• No need to change household insurance policies

Far from being counterproductive, conducting administrative tasks from home and business operations from an offsite storage facility makes sound economic sense. Storage costs are lower than office rentals, and by renting a slightly larger room than you need for stock storage you can incorporate a desk to make packing and labelling more comfortable and efficient.

Adopt a Cheerfully Frugal Attitude

Allowing frugal living to descend into drudgery is a sure way to make giving up seem attractive. Instead, challenge yourself to see how neatly you can cut your corners. Chop household fuel bills, for instance, by introducing green lighting into the home. LED bulbs have come a long way recently, with softer colours and more controllable lighting options making them viable and attractive alternatives to other types of domestic lighting.

Getting by at home and in business demands nimble thinking and creative working or living methods. Using your space wisely and seeking out alternative or additional storage options cuts clutter, creates harmony and promotes ordered thinking, all of which help with making and saving money.

Drew writes for Big Yellow Self Storage. For more information on clever storage, see their website or blog.

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