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Published on December 9th, 2015 | by Pete


Moving House – Three Ways to Save When Packing up your Life

Few things in life are as stressful as moving house. There’s so much to think about, plan and organise. If you’re not careful the cost can skyrocket, with even packing supplies costing hundreds of pounds. Planning is key, so here are a few tips on what to think about and organise first:

First Steps

Forward planning is vital when you’re moving house. You  need to arrange the actual move, when you’ll hand over the keys. But you also need to plan for the lead-up time and organise how you’ll manage the sometimes complicated logistics of packing.

The task is easier if packing materials are ready and waiting, so don’t leave it until the last moment to start gathering boxes and padding. Stockpile newspapers and back issues of magazines for wrapping and packing delicate items such as glassware, crockery or ornaments. Tissue paper, wrapping paper and bubble wrap are all excellent, too.

Old blankets are good for wrapping large items and offer extra protection to wall mirrors, pictures, or furniture you want to protect from scratches.  Most of us don’t use blankets for bedding any more, but many of us have throws, and these can be a good substitute. Alternatively, ask your favourite charity shop to save blankets they receive. Often, they don’t directly sell blankets but if you ask they might save  some for you.

Supermarkets and other retailers receive many deliveries in cardboard boxes. Often, they’re crushed as soon as they’re emptied but they may be willing to save some if you ask, especially at places where the staff knows you. Alternatively, self storage companies and some high street retailers sell house-move box packages, including wardrobe boxes for specialised needs.

Start Packing Straight Away

Successful house sales depend on making the property more attractive to buyers. This is easily achieved if you present them with a blank canvas so they can imagine their own possessions in place. Having too many personal items on show, such as photographs or collections of items, makes it harder for buyers to imagine your home as potentially theirs.

You’ll need to pack these items up in the end, so why not pack them up at the beginning? You’ll clear the house of clutter, make a faster sale, and have already accomplished a good chunk of the packing. The only question is where to store your packed boxes so they don’t clutter up the house once again. You could store them with friends or pop them into self storage for a few weeks. Flexible terms make self storage an attractive option when your needs are short term and of unfixed duration.

 Compare Quotes

If you are hiring a removal company, it’s tempting to go with the first one you contact who is available on the dates you need them. You can often save money, however, when you get several different quotes for comparison. When comparing, take services offered into account as a cheaper quote might mean you end up doing more work yourself. You can compare moving quotes online in much the same way as utility prices or car insurance quotes.

If you can be flexible with moving dates, you may find it’s cheaper to move midweek rather than at weekends. It’s not guaranteed, but you might also have the added bonus of quieter roads, too.

Don’t forget to check insurance. Some removal companies will only insure your goods while they are in transit. If you’re worried about breakages during packing or unpacking, make sure your home insurance covers you at your old and new addresses.

Moving house will never be totally stress free or really cheap, but by thinking ahead and planning your move you can take a few shortcuts and avoid unnecessary costs.

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