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Published on February 20th, 2011 | by Pete


Oyster Cards: Reclaim your balance

I don’t live in London, but lots of people do. If you live in London, and don’t want to pay congestion charges, or don’t want to walk everywhere then you probably use the London Underground, buses or trains. One way of paying for travelling on these is with an Oyster card, which you can regularly top up. When you first get this card, than you have to pay a deposit (this used to be £3, but is now £5).

If you have an Oyster card, you may no longer be using it (you may have moved away, stopped working in London, or just don’t need to go to London regularly anymore) you can return the card to any ticket office, and reclaim the deposit you paid, as well as any unused balance on the card.

You may think why am I posting about such a small issue, individuals are only likely to claim back a few quid here and there, but there is £30 million in total just sitting there accumulating interest for someone else! That’s your money, go and get it back!

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