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Published on November 5th, 2015 | by Pete


Save Space and Money by Installing Mezzanine Floors

The installation of a mezzanine floor into a business premises can actually save money in the long run, due to the expanded storage and operational workspace that is opened up. Far from being a cost to the business, a mezzanine floor can be incorporated into expansion plans easily and makes for a cost-effective means of improving all sorts of work-related processes. Saving space usually leads to more efficient working practices, so even if you don’t need to expand, then installing one can lead to improvements soon noted on your company’s balance sheet.

Saving Space

Any business that is working at its most efficiently is already using up all of the available space in its premises. Whether rented or owned by the company, business premises usually fill up with stock, machinery, workshops and offices very quickly. Now, not all of your business’ space may be used in the most effective way however and reorganizing your desks and storage areas may mean you can do better with the space you have. Nonetheless, such rationalizations can ultimately only produce so much. In the end, employees feel cramped and there is often insufficient room to work safely and efficiently after a time. To overcome this, adding space with a mezzanine floor installation makes sense. They can open up lines of sight, allows for stock to be organized in better ways and produce more office space all in one go.

Fitting a mezzanine floor around a business that continues to operate can be tricky, it must be said. However, if you opt for an expert installer with plenty of experience, such as WSSL, then most operational problems can be minimized and business through-put be maintained. Working within the constraints of your current building, a mezzanine floor should fit in hand-in-glove and, when installed expertly, take little time to erect. Ultimately, saving space in a company’s premises means fewer mistakes are made by staff which means customer retention is often improved, allowing your business to grow.

Saving Money

Of course, installing a mezzanine floor is not all about the space that it frees up for your operation to carry on with greater efficiency. They can save money, too. When you are at the point of requiring some sort of expansion plan, borrowing the necessary capital to move can be something of a headache. Banks and other lenders rightly see the disruption of a move as a business critical risk and this is reflected in the cost of any borrowing you might face, therefore lesser storage issues and safe environment indirectly helps in debt management. Even if you don’t need to borrow to expand to larger premises, there are many costs involved, from IT infrastructure to moving and handling of equipment and stock. Ideally, staying put will be the best approach, but this may mean having to pay out large sums for a satellite office and cause increased costs from not having all of your staff together in one place.

The solution to these varied expansion costs is to install a mezzanine floor in your current building, thereby increasing the amount of floor space that you have available without augmenting your footprint one bit. Remember that a mezzanine floor can be used in many different ways and that they are not just for warehouse applications, although they certainly do work well in this sector. A mezzanine floor can be accessed by specially installed lifts – as well as stairwells – so that they are available for all staff to get to, no matter what mobility needs you need to cater for. Mezzanine floors are the best way to help you to save money, no matter what your business need happens to be.

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