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Published on January 29th, 2015 | by Pete


Saving Money When Redecorating Your Home

Same boring carpet. Same old wallpaper you’ve had since you first moved in. Awful furniture more at home in your grandmother’s house than your modern family home. These are all thoughts we’ve dwelled upon from time to time, and indeed, having a home can be hard work, especially if you feel the instinctive requirement to redecorate yet don’t have the funds to do everything that you’d like to. There are ways around budgetary constraints when it comes to redecorating, however; here are some easy tips to make the process less painful for you and your bank account.

Find Bargains

This one might seem really obvious, but if you’re going to do a redecoration on the cheap then you need to swallow your pride and buy from clearance, discount and sale stores. Online websites such as Allposters allow you to buy decorations for your home on the cheap, and websites such as Bedstar often have a huge range of bedding, bed frames and mattresses available. The latter also has a great blog with redecoration ideas and other bed-based info, which is pretty useful even if you weren’t thinking of redecorating. Also, search out discount furniture stores and charity shops- these can be goldmines!

Don’t Go Overboard

If you get the redecoration bug, it can be quite easy to think: “We’ve got to paint all of the walls, change the carpet, get new furniture..” etc, thus burrowing a hole in your pocket the likes of which has never been seen. Furniture can be moved to give your rooms a completely different flavour, knobs and handles on furnishings like wardrobes and cupboards can be quickly and cheaply changed and even paining one wall in a room will massively reduce the cost whilst making a statement at the same time.

Be Careful

You’re moving furniture around, having a wonderful time seeing how your rooms would look in an alternate universe, and the worst happens. You break a table leg, scuff some leather or tarnish the carpet. One of the best ways to avoid these awful happenings, and the financial burdens that accompany them, is just to be careful, taking your time and not rushing things!

Get Stuff Free

Freecycle, Gumtree, even newspaper or community adverts; there’s a world of free, amazing items out there that you can take advantage of during your big redesign. It doesn’t even have to be furnishings, either; cloth for curtains, rugs, art- it’s all there waiting for you!

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