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Published on January 21st, 2012 | by Pete


Should Charity Start Anywhere?

I like giving money to charity, it makes me happy. I have no money to give away, which makes me sad. I’m a strong believer in charity so have always been left with a strange sense of guilt that I can’t do as much as I would like to. But how can you save money, pay off debt, and give away to charity? You will be pleased to hear that you can do so, but that you just need to plan your kindness.

My wife does quite a lot of things. Firstly, she does a couple of shoeboxes for Christmas with her mum, and manages this by buying a few bits and bobs throughout the year from places like Tesco, or good quality second hand items from car boot sales. She will often come across hats or little toothbrushes, or cheap books in a sale that throughout the year will become a little box of fun for a poor child in Romania, or in any underprivileged child anywhere in the world.

Old clothes can of course be taken to charity shops, where I’m sure someone would appreciate the bargain. However, there are clothes bins around the country where you can drop off clothes, and they are collected and sent to people around the world who would really benefit from them.

There is one more thing my wife does that is my favourite, so I’m going to start doing it too. She saves up throughout the year so that in December she can pay for a homeless person to have Christmas dinner. Not only do they get a full Christmas dinner, but they also get advice about employment, and the opportunity to get organised and have a haircut. Awesome! You can do this at the Charity Crisis:

So there you have it. You can give to charity without breaking the bank, or compromising your money saving or debt reduction efforts. Any other ideas are always welcome…

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