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Published on January 9th, 2015 | by Pete


Switching Your Mobile Phone Contract

There was a time when mobile phones were only owned by the privileged, and business people who relied on an old fashioned heavy mobile to be reachable at all times. Now almost everyone owns a mobile, be it a smart phone or a basic model. Children now own mobiles, with the age at which they receive their first phone widely reported to be falling. Contract phones are often better value than pay as you go, and for a lot of people a mobile phone contract is the first credit they ever take out as an adult. To see your free credit report take a look over here and see what mobile contracts are held on record (in order to avoid monthly payments you must cancel your account within the free trial period).

It is tempting, once you have found a contract that you like, to simply stay with the same network provider year on year. Simply renewing the contract term and upgrading your handset whenever the renewal rolls round is however not a cost efficient choice in the long term. It may save you the hassle of shopping around and finding new deals, but by staying out of the mobile phone market you are missing out on the cheapest tariffs. Mobile phone packages alter each year to take into account new usage habits such as the increased data use on mobile Internet and the recent arrival of 4G. Check out price comparison sites as well as each major network’s web pages to scope out the best deal.

You don’t have to leave your current provider to get a better deal however. People with adverse credit are often worried that cancelling their contract will then leave them phoneless as they will be unable to open a new account elsewhere. If you have checked your credit score and are still concerned that this is a legitimate risk then try sticking with your existing company. This also goes for those that are happy with their network service but want a cheaper tariff. Simply call your network and tell them you are thinking of leaving and cite cost as the reason. They are likely to start offering you better deals in order to keep you as a customer. There are often special deals available if you push and you might get a better package than a new customer out of this exercise.

There’s more to mobiles than having the newest and highest powered new model. You will be paying for whatever phone you decide upon at least once, and usually twice over, during the course of your contract, so making sure you have the right handset and call package is essential. Do your homework, find out what you can realistically afford and get shopping around for your perfect package.

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