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Published on January 5th, 2014 | by Pete


The Ultimate Washing Machine Care Guide – 6 Top Tips

Most of us having washing machines. I think it is probably fair to say that it is a stable white good that can be found in most homes (unless you live in Albert Square, where everyone uses the launderette; probably not a fair comparison though as no one on that square uses the toilet, or is remotely concerned about the fact that they visit the pub every day). Anyway, for the rest of us normal people, who do use the toilet and own washing machines, we know how expensive they can be when they go wrong. So here are some handy tips to keep those white kitchen dwelling monsters working as long as possible:

1. Use the Correct Settings

Those pesky individualised settings have not been added to the machine for fun, or because the manufacturers want to make themselves feel clever. Clothes are different, and apparently sensitive to different temperatures, and lengths of time in the machine. Apparently, shoving all the clothes in together and pressing the same buttons every time are going to lead to problems. You’ve spent money on your clothes, as well as your washing machine; give them some love.

2. Don’t Overload it

Contrary to popular belief, washing machines are not a second gateway to Narnia. They have their limits, and so force-feeding it more clothes than it can comfortably cope with in one session, is akin to you eating more boiled eggs in one sitting then you want to. If you overload the washing machine, than the drum will struggle to move smoothly, and it will instead jostle around all the while causing unnecessary wear and tear.

3. Clean the Drawer

Now, I know this does not sound like an exciting job, but it is an important job. If you fail to give the drawer at least a regular cursory rinse, then instead you will be able to observe the development of a wonderful smelling powdery crust. This will indeed smell nice, and add an interesting feature to your machine, but it will also contribute to the early demise of your machine.

4. Empty the filter

You may not have done this ever yet. If this is the case, it is probably because you were busy enjoying your life. You can still enjoy your life, but also love your washing machine by emptying the filter from time to time. An filter that is not emptied, will collect what can only be described as ‘gunk’. If this scourge is not dealt with occasionally, than this gunk can invade the drum, and spoil all your lovely clothes. To launch a pre-emptive attack on this gunk, simply locate the filter and empty the contents. The filter is traditionally located somewhere along the bottom of the machine. When opening this first time round be prepared for plenty of water and filth to emerge. The smell will not impress you either. However, after this first effort, if you are able to do this more regularly, than it is much easier to keep on top of this problem.

5. Don’t allow heavy zipped items to run riot in your machine

Whilst I have gained enough wait over the recent year to probably warrant needing a bra, I don’t wear one. However, they are a big trouble maker in damaging your machine, alongside other items that have heavy zips, or wire of some description. It would not take much for a zip, or a pesky underwire to get jammed in your drum, and cause an expensive repair / replacement job. This can be avoided by either hand washing complicated items, or the more popular, and much easier use of mesh laundry bags in the machine.

6. Run Ghostly maintenance washes

I’m not talking about putting ghoulish carpenters in your machine here. What I am referring to is a monthly wash that involves nothing going into the machine, apart from some vinegar in the drum and powder drawer. Run that at 90 degrees, to help battle gunk and limescale, and keep the drum lovely and fresh.

So there it is. A few tips to help your washing machine cope with its job. It thanks you, and wants to continue helping you look and smell delightful. If you think I have missed anything, please feel free to chuck your best washing machine care tip our way!

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