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Published on May 26th, 2015 | by Pete


Top 5 Destinations to Get the Most for Your Money

Whether you are looking for a wholesome family holiday, a romantic honeymoon or a hen do/ stag party filled with mayhem, everyone always wants the best deal possible. Travel shouldn’t be limited to just the wealthy, and fortunately it’s easier than ever to explore more destinations where you can stretch your budget just a bit further.

Here are five suggestions for destinations where you will get the most for your money—so you can get planning!

1. Essaouira, Morocco – Often overshadowed by Marrakech, 2 hours inland, Essaouira is a stunning jewel on the North coast of Africa. Here you can stay in ultimate luxury for next to nothing – this is truly one of the loveliest, most exotic and best value all-inclusive holidays destinations in the world. Taste a delicious tagine, sip mint tea by the sea and stroll through the souk… Essaouira is a magical place.

2. Goa, India – Adventurous sun seekers know that one of the most exciting, interesting and cheap all inclusive destinations in the world are the beaches of Goa, India. Long a hippie hangout, the stunning Indian Riviera is increasingly building lush palaces where you can get away from it all – and they are incredibly affordable. Perfect for revelers, families and young singles, Goa is a trip you will never forget.

3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – As one of the original Mexican all inclusive get- away favourites, Puerto Vallarta is a wonderland of culture, sun, sand and margaritas. While it may lack the white sand beaches of Mexico’s Atlantic coast, PV is a savvy tourist’s dream, as many of the deluxe resorts here on the Pacific have charm, history and character – and cost a fraction of the price. Wander through the old town and shop for souvenirs, sip a cerveza on the stunning beach or tour the jungle with a local guide – PV is the ultimate Mexico experience.

4. Costa Brava, Spain – you didn’t think we could talk good value all inclusive deals without mentioning Spain, did you? This perennial favourite is the place that gave Brits their thirst for the all inclusive package holiday, and nearly fifty years on Costa Brava is still going strong as one of the best value holiday destinations in Europe and beyond.

5. Dalaman Coast, Turkey – Turkey may be a short flight away, but crossing into Asia means that you save heaps of money and your money will stretch far further than anywhere in Europe. Turkey’s Dalaman Coast offers any traveler delicious food, pristine beaches, unique arts and a spectacular history that is unparalleled around the globe.

There you have it – five top suggestions for the best value destinations for your next holiday. Where do you think you’ll jet off to?

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