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Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Pete


Honda Used Car Valuation – Looking to upgrade?

A few years ago, I got a new car. Not brand new of course, that would go against my money saving principles – but it was (and still is) the most high spec car I’ve ever owned. I had finished paying off a debt and that had freed up just over £100 a month. I decided that I would have a long overdue upgrade, as my car was past its best, and also had an annoying habit of locking me out of the driver’s side, meaning I had to open the passenger door and then lean across to open my door from the inside! Anyway, I got myself a new car, and traded in my old car to take the price of my new car down, by the princely sum of £400.

I think I could have done better though. I think I could have achieved more for the car I was replacing if I had used an independent car valuation website. There are a number of these around at the moment, and they are always being advertised on radio and television. It seems that you may well be likely to get more for your car this way, as it is valued independently of the car you are trying to purchase.

There is also the advantage of not being too emotionally involved at this point. I remember when I chose my current car that I was very keen on it, and I would have to be a robot to say that this did not have any impact on how much I was willing to trade in my old car for. Emotions can be unhelpful at times, especially when it comes to spending money. This is where car valuation services can be extremely helpful – they can provide an objective value of your vehicle, making it much more likely that you will get the price that your vehicle deserves.
So in summary, if you want to trade in your car, or treat yourself to an upgrade, I would always suggest using a car valuation service. If you are in this position at the moment, then click here to get a car valuation from Honda UK, as this can be a really helpful first step. Having tried ,my old car details in the site, I’m beginning to wish I had done this a few years ago…

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  1. Oliver Smith says:

    Before doing a valuation of an old car, a person must know the determined price of the car, details about the car’s model, and in which year, the car was bought by the owner. Another important factor is the history of the car. This includes details about the accident issues occurred so far; Mileage of the car, etc. The Buyer must check the door locks, wheels, engine and other major mechanical parts before buying it.

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