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Published on December 5th, 2012 | by Pete


We’ll Start Saving Now for Christmas and Other Lies

Christmas is a time of good will, good food and good intentions but, even with the best intentions, things around the festive season can be hectic to say the least. In the traditional spirit of giving (and over-indulgence) there’s always ‘one more’ present to buy for those nearest and dearest to us. So it’s no surprise that money is always tight during the holiday season.
Every year we resolve to put away a little each month to cover the excessive Christmas costs and every year we fall short. But who or what’s to blame? Surely, the last thing most of us want to think about in January is Christmas. Even in November people bemoan the talk of Christmas approaching. So is it any wonder that we rarely have the cash already put aside for the celebrations?

One way to save money this Christmas is to do a little of the hard work yourself. For example, instead of buying those tea, coffee or hot chocolate sets for all of your friends in the office, buy cheap glass jars from a pound shop or similar and fill them yourself. Fill them with things like hot chocolate powder and marshmallows (maybe even a small bottle of baileys tied on) and decorate how you like. Not only will this cost you half of what you would have spent on the premade sets in shops, but it will also add a touch of personality.

There are now many companies who offer a complete Christmas savings package where you pay a monthly sum to cover the costs of gifts and food. This would seem a sensible idea: putting your savings in someone else’s hands. But, again it’s a thought that often doesn’t pop up until it’s too late: until the advertisements appear on television, mid-December. And with some horror stories, in recent years, of Christmas savings companies going bankrupt, some may prefer to stay on the side of caution and keep their money in their own hands.Even with the foresight of saving, we all give in to temptation not only at Christmas but all throughout the year. That could mean raiding the savings for a summer getaway or just to cover the costs of an emergency or necessity. Sometimes even our best efforts often collide with reality. And sometimes, the Christmas fund doesn’t somehow seem important in summer when there are bills to pay.

In fact, if we’re being completely honest, money management isn’t exactly what we British are best at. A report a few months back spoke of how thousands of British businesses were failing to claim back money owed to them by the HMRC and were therefore losing out on thousands of pounds annually. To make things worse, this is despite the fact that the internet is filled with law firms such as RIFT that can discern what a business is owed by the tax authorities. To put it simply, we’re no longer amongst the most financially shrewdest of nations.
While we’re on the topic of being shrewd with money during Christmas, the last thing you want to do if things are financially a bit short is take out a payday loan. They come with extortionately high interest rates and so a payday loan could give you a rather terrible Christmas gift: debt. If you’re struggling to pay for your family’s gifts this Christmas, you’d be much wiser to simply be patient and wait for next year.

After all, it may now be too late to remember last year’s resolution to save for Christmas but, of course, there’s always next year!

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  1. Andrew says:

    I have 3 kids we spend £75 – £100 on each one it just depends on how much extra money we have. I try to buy a few things all year so we dont have to buy everything at once.

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